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An After Dark Afterlife

I blame this on khamura and my evil muse.

St. Mary's Church, kitchen area. The chaos calms down slightly as Koe enters, looking concerned.

Koe: All right, what's all this nonsense about the toaster being possessed?

Mack (points): Well, what do you call that, then?

Koe follows Mack's line of vision and boggles. The toaster has sprouted a pair of red wings and is currently hovering in the air, spitting out messages burnt into the bread. Koe catches one of the pieces.

Koe (reading): "Lay off the hysterics, it's just me"? (sighs) Did you die again, sis?

Flying Toaster Chatty: Yeah. There's no way the wedding could really take place with Piper running around raising Cain about it, so I've decided to lay low for a while.

Mack (boggles, too): What? This is Chatty? (looks again) Hey, you're right. I'd recognize those wings anywhere. I guess I was too freaked out by the toaster acting up to realize it at first.

Koe (sighs again): If this is your idea of "laying low", I hate to see what you consider being ostentacious. Anyway, let's figure out a way to let you talk without using all this bread. As is, we've got enough toast to make the whole staff peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Flying Toaster Chatty: Sorry, but I can't figure out how to stop. I haven't exactly used a toaster as an Insert before.

Told you this was too funny an idea to pass up. ;p
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