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Authoress' Gambit

Prolly jumping the gun a little teeny bit, but I'm gonna start the Anti-Piper Crusade. (Apologies for any possible OOC-ness on Sirius' part, let's just say Ijishi's persistent wonkiness got to him.)

The Bar. It's closing time, and all present--Jenova, Tifa, Aerith with new (well, not so new anymore) baby, and Dives--have all but finished cleaning everything up when two figures enter. One is Sirius Black--I can't believe I still remember he's a cameo without looking it up--and the other is a hooded figure who for now will remain anonymous.

Tifa: Ah, sorry, we're closed now. Come back tomorrow.

Sirius: Not here for the alcohol, love--

Tifa, catching Sirius eyeing her and Aerith's respective racks, raises a fist threateningly, but Sirius gives her a semi-innocent smirk.

Sirius: C'mon, can't blame a guy for window-shopping.

Hooded Figure: *clears throat*

Sirius: Anyway, back to business. (faces Dives) Which bloke are you, Dives or Zepplin?

Dives (surprised): Uh, Dives. Zepplin's been on leave since yesterday. Do I...know you?

Sirius (thumbs hooded guy): No, but he does. (to said hooded guy) Looks like we're a bit late. She already got him.

Hooded Figure: *whispers*

Sirius (makes a face): No way. I'm just here to blow things up, not ask people to be part of what amounts to suicide. And I don't think he counts as either "too stupid, too purehearted, too messed-up, or just plain stubborn". (beat) Well, okay, the messed-up part maybe, but still.

Hooded Figure: *whispers*

Sirius (blinks): Oh, I haven't thought of that.

Dives (a bit unhappily): Please stop talking about me as if I'm not here.

Sirius (somewhat sheepish): Aheh, sorry. Anyway, long story short, your roommate's been kidnapped by Miss Piper, we're gonna go bust him. You in or not?

Tifa (suspicious): And why would the Defender of the City bother to kidnap a mere busboy?

Dives (quietly): Because that "mere busboy" was possessed by Evil Dot during the NGC Invasion, and now Piper-sama has decided to hold that against him for whatever reason.

Sirius (thumbs hooded man again): Pal here thinks that it's a trap to draw Miss Warner out of hiding, but nobody--including Miss Warner herself--wants that to happen. So he's organized a bit of a "monkey wrench" using all of her old cameos and some others that she's been borrowing on a semi-regular basis.

Dives (as above): And since I've accidentally channeled "the Authoress" a few times...

Sirius (warmly): Just pick some other moderately powerful entity so you can help hold off the agents while we do our thing.

Tifa (incredulous): You're actually going to agree to this insanity, Dives?

Dives (solem): It wasn't Zepplin's choice to be used by Dot. It's certainly not his choice to be used by Piper, either. (pauses) And besides...

Tifa (annoyed): "It's not like anybody will miss me if I die", right? Cut the spiel, Dives. Even if Roisin isn't interested in you romantically, she still cares about you. And we'd all hate to lose a damn good waiter.

Aerith (kindly): I've finally found someone worthy to carry the White and Black Materia as well. Will you neglect such a solemn Duty?

Jenova (teasingly): Plus if they are able to rescue Zepplin, but you kick the bucket, he'd be pretty bummed, too, y'know?

Dives (a bit embarrassed now): Thanks, everyone.

Hooded Figure: *clears throat again*

Sirius: Ah, I hate to break up this little self-esteem session, but we really need to get going before anything too unpleasant happens to Zepplin.

Dives (nods): Of course. Lead the way.

Sirius, Dives, and the Hooded Figure all exit, stage right. Tifa watches them leave thoughfully.

Tifa: Do you think they have a chance?

Aerith: I don't know. The Piper isn't one who tolerates insubordinates well, but given the scope of what they were talking about, they certainly would give her a run for her money.

Not starting the invasion just yet 'cause I have to check back on exactly which cameos I brought in directly, and which ones I've "borrowed" from other people.

Anybody want to jump on this little bandwagon? :)
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