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Hey, lookie what I found!

Here's a flashback I meant to post somewhere around the "Choirmaster Possesses Mack" thing.

99.9% Chatty approved. ^_^

[Begin Vague and Misleading Flashback]

A typical-looking household. Well, not quite typical. This is, after all, Chatty's family we're talking about here.

Chatty (miffed): Hey! No fair!

Mack (floating about three feet off the ground): Nyah nya ni na nya! You can't get me!

Chatty (even more miffed): Oh, yeah? (points) Fireball!

Mack (zips out of the way): Ha! That the best you can do? (gestures) This is what you'd call a fireball!

Case in point: what started a "simple" game of tag is now a rather frightening match of pyrotechnics. And yes, this is taking place indoors.

Koe (walking in): Chatty! Mack!

Mack: Onii-sama! XD

Insert one flying tackle-glomp-huggle here. Koe goes very cutely red.

Chatty: Aww, 'nii-chan is blushing! ^_^

Koe (even redder): Am not! (serious now) Now, then, you two...what did Dad say about playing?

Chatty (annoyed): Yeah, yeah, "keep it nice, or take it outside". (pouts) But Mack never plays fair!

Mack (making a face): Oh, sure, like it's my fault that you suck.

It's Chatty's turn to go red, and she looks ready to turn the entire neighborhood into a giant least, until Koe starts giving Mack the Noogie of Death (tm :)

Koe (about to pop a vein): What part of "keep it nice" don't you understand, hm?

Mack: Okay! Okay! Ow! Uncle! Mercy!

Chatty: *giggles*

Koe (glares at Chatty): The same goes for you, Chatty!

Chatty: *eeps*

Koe lets Mack go, and she whirls away, pouting.

Mack: 'nii-chan is such a fuddy duddy!

She makes a raspberry, then disappears, but Koe's eyes are still on the space where she had occupied.

Darn it, I had this hugely epic flashback planned, and then stuff happened and I've totally lost my train of thought.
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