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Time to whine and indulge in self-pity. ;p

(The Ijishi Meta-world, a fuzzy area between reality and the Wired. It looks like that "field of stars" sequence near the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey. In other words, a really, really bad acid trip.)

Chatty (bouncing up and down): o/ Piper's goin' down, w00t! :3 Fight scene at 11! o/

*obviously not enthusastic* Yay.

(Chatty stops in mid-dance and squats in front of the brooding Authoress.)

Chatty (pouting): Ne, ne, what's wrong? Don't you think Piper will lose?

That's exactly what I'm worried about. What sort of nefarious villain are we going to come up with now?

Chatty (blinks): Good question. (ponders momentarily) Hrm...I have no idea whatsoever! XD

*half-mutter* Switching sides at the drop of a hat. Twisting the continuity until it's one big Gordian knot. Treating cameos and even our own Inserts like toys. No wonder Mira hates us.

Chatty (shakes Dot's shoulders): Come on, Dot, snap out of it! You're slipping into your depressing mode again!

*forces a smile* Don't worry, Chatty. I may feel like crap, but I'm not going to let Ijishi suffer because of it. That's why I wrote myself out of continuity and made that agreement with Mira. She'll never agree to letting such a dangerous RL back into Ijishi, especially not now.

Chatty (pouts): But who am I going to play with after Piper kicks the bucket?

*shrugs* I'm sure you'll think of something.
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