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Teh Mopage Continues

Blargh. Stop filling my mind with depressing thoughts of destruction, damn you. At least make it more interesting, like, burnination or something.

The Bar. Dot's cameos are doing a magnificent job of invigorating the local economy when Adam stops in mid-drink, pays his tab, and leaves quietly.

Tifa: Wonder what's up with him.

Zepplin (shrugs): Beats me.

(Concept Space. The floors are absolutely covered with blood, and a steady drip can be heard from Dot's cage. Suzuki stands in front of it, his face impassive.)

Suzuki: Come now, Miss Warner. We all know you're not noble enough as to protect this City out of the kindness of your heart. What are you planning, really?

*mumbling* What, do you own the world? How do you own disorder?

Suzuki: So, you want to make it difficult for yourself, do you? Very well.

(At that moment, Adam barges in, sword drawn, intent on skewering Suzuki. As Suzuki attempts a Matrix-esque dodge, Adam somehow breaks out of Bullet Time and changes direction so abruptly that Suzuki can't avoid the next blow, getting knocked against a wall in the process.)

Suzuki (standing back up): And so he arrives. The knight in shining armor.

(Except Adam ignores Suzuki totally and procees straight for the cage, stepping through the bars as if they're not there. He picks up the nearly unconscious Authoress by the collar and shakes her.)

Adam (furious): You said you were never going there again! You said you hated it!

*still mumbling* Somewhere between the sacred silence and sleep, disorder, disorder, disorder...

(He slaps her across the cheek, hard, sending another steady stream of blood down her face.)

Adam: Come on! Snap out of it!

*still mumbling* When I became the sun, I shone life into the man's hearts...

Suzuki: Miss Warner and I aren't done talking yet, Mr. Anderson!

(Suzuki sprouts three more pairs of arms that shoot out toward the cage. Adam sets Dot down and changes his sword into double kodachis.)

Adam: AUTHORESS! Stop this nonesense and wake UP!

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