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Like Perfume on the Wind

[setting: a rock garden somewhere in Seireitei]

Gin: ...say what? n_n

Mayuri: This woman is useless! There's not a scrap of Demiurge power in her. Certainly, she's an interesting specimen, but extracting what isn't there is a waste of valuable resources.

Gin: ..... *scratches his chin*

[setting: a the top of a tall skyscraper]

*Ahead stares out over the EGC skyline. A figure approaches from behind, but she does not move.*

Figure: All right, Siga, no time for games. You know what I'm here for.

*Smiling, she turns to face the figure of Lazarus Uno, and slowly begins to shift into a fighting position.*

Lazarus: Here. *fishes a golden arrowhead out of her pocket and holds it out with one hand*

*Ahead's smile disappears.*

Ahead: What?

*Lazarus's eyes begin twinkle with a certain insanity.*

Lazarus: What, you didn't feel the change? You didn't feel the very earth shift beneath your feet?

*Ahead's only response is to snatch the arrowhead from Lazarus's outstretched hand.*

Lazarus: There. It's as it should be.

Ahead: *eyeing her* I don't understand.

Lazarus: *smirking* What's to understand? I am Lazarus Uno, leader of the Architects, made with one and only one purpose: to serve the Demiurge of EGC. Whoever that may be.

*There is a long, pregnant silence as Ahead's eyes widen and the meaning of the statement starts to dawn on her. Before she starts to say anything, though, her eyes wander to Lazarus's other hand, hanging limply at her side, soaked with blood dripping down into a puddle on the concrete rooftop.*

Lazarus: *noticing her gaze* Ah, that. *She lifts the bloody hand up in front of her face and clenches it* The others wouldn't accept the change in power. And that, as you know, has consequences.

*Ahead watches her with a steady, unshifting gaze. If she is disturbed, she certainly doesn't show it.*

Ahead: ...I see.
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