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Rationalization is Nothing More than Spin Control

Because I need to have some sense of closure, or something.

(A cafe. Seated across from each other are Mira and Dot the Authoress.)

Mira (flatly): So let me get this straight. You screwed with my love life because you disliked my attitude, but now you've thought better of it and want to make amends?

Yeah. And let's skip all that righteous indignation about me being a horrible abuser of power, etc. etc., okay? I've got things to do and people to see.

Mira (pinches the bridge of her nose): What else would you expect me to say? It's always the same thing. You wave your hand and everything's okay, until the next time you decide that I'm a bitch in serious need of attitude adjustment.

*sighs* You were right. *stands up* This has been a total waste of both of our times.

(Dot pulls some cash out of her wallet and lays it on the table.)

I've said what I came to say. Believe what you will.

(Mira watches Dot as she leaves. As soon as Dot is out of sight, Mira pulls out a lighter and sets fire to the money.)

(The Bar. Dives is taking a break from waiting tables as he talks with Dot.)

I have to be honest. The majority of the time, I was just being sadistic to you for no real reason. You could have attained redemption in death, but I just couldn't leave well enough alone.

Dives (shrugs): I'm used to it. I'm just a figment of Chatty's imagination, after all.

Perhaps, but as far as Ijishi was concerned, you were a real person with a lot of painful stuff to deal with, and I shouldn't have taken advantage of your eagerness to pay for your sins.

(Dot reaches across the table to take Dives' hand.)

I'm really, really sorry.

Dives (a bit flustered): It's all right. Don't worry about it.

(Insert one slightly awkward silence here. Finally, Dot pulls her hand away and sips at her drink.)

*winks* By the way, I still think you have a chance with Roisin.

(And Dives blushes deep, deep red this time.)

Dives (embarrassed): I thought you said you were through with this whole matchmaking business.

*smiles* I am. You're just so fun to tease.
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