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(Ijishi City, exterior. On top of a building stands Velvet, aka Deuteronomy, aka the Mestopholes--pardon the bad spelling--Thief, aka Yuuryou, aka the leader of the Ijishi Mazoku/Roach/Large Friendly Spiders Army...)

Velvet: Ahem.

*pouty* Aw, come on. I'm trying to establish some context here. And you're not supposed to break the Fourth Wall.

Velvet: Do I look like I give a flying--

*shakes finger* Hey, hey, this is a Web-14 RP. Let's keep it that way.

Velvet (amused): You really do have a death wish, don't you?

*shakes head* Nah, I'm over that whole stupid self-immolation thing. *beat* Mostly. Old habits die hard.

Velvet (skeptical): Hence the massive apology campaign?

Only towards the RLs and cameos I had any direct influence on. Unfortunately, the RLs are rather incommunicado at the moment and I'd rather not put any words in their mouths.

Velvet (amused): So you're putting words in our mouths instead.

*smirks* You have any problem with that?

Velvet (calmly): Amazingly little. Ironically, growing up has turned me into the very sort of person I used to detest.

Such is the price of maturity, or something.

Velvet: Something indeed. Now scram, before I decide I'm in a bad mood.

*with a touch of sarcasm* Yeah, yeah, yeah.

(The Bar, at a different hour. Roisin is pausing between songs to feed Dante in a discreet corner.)

Roisin: You realize that this is an essentially pointless gesture on your part.

Not entirely. I did screw things up pretty badly, and I think it's important for me to admit that.

Roisin (eyebrow raised): "Pretty badly"?

*slightly miffed* Well, all right, I FUBARed. A lot. Better?

Roisin (laughs): You don't sound too contrite.

The past is the past. I'm not proud of what I've done, but I'm not beating myself over the head with it either. *beat* Not anymore, anyway.

Roisin (genuinely): Good luck with that. I hope your future characters will fare better than we did.

*coughs, sheepishly* Weeeeeellll...

Roisin: At least promise me there'll be less stupid angst.

That I can do. *beat* I think.

Let's see. There was Xelloss, Phibrizzo, a couple of Evangelion characters, and is gonna take a while, innit?
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